fast thoughts on the new overwatch patch

the ana patch went live today  and i have thoughts about it.

ana is awesome. she is a friend to all tanks and all tanks should be thrilled to see ana on their side. i played 11 ana games over at least  an hour of gameplay tonight and went 8-3. if my team had other ana(s) i did not pick her. i played her as solo healer, i played her on attack/defense/koth, almost every map in every situation. here are my conclusions on her, and the other hero changes, and the patch:

  1. this patch reset every single custom keybind and hero setting i had. holy shit. mercy beam toggle? off. pharah conc blast to RMB? nope, E. dva’s defense matrix is now an “alternate fire” rather than an “ability” so it was actually broken since i had bound it to RMB already. to fix that you have to reset her to default entirely, by the way, thus sayeth the google. that was annoying as hell.
  2. my goodness the new overtime is lovely. it ends so fast! the longer spawn time actually awards you for getting 99% of the way there! no more bullshit payload holds! no more bullshit KOTH points lasting an hour! the attacking team’s winrate is going to plummet this patch. no question.
  3. i love hero limits and people who whine about them = babies.
  4. ana: attacking points she is outstanding, defending payload she seems great, pushing payload she is very good (but i still think i’d rather have mercy+lucio most of the time), and on certain king of the hill maps she’s great, but others less so. the key is being able to stay clear back of the action with good sight lines to your team. nepal:sanctum was a great map for her. liajang tower? all awful.
  5. defending any point, you can’t see your team with a clear sight line from out of the battle. i’m not picking ana on point defense anymore i dont think. she may have utility on hanamura, maybe, but not anubis for sure, and probably not volskaya. once you lose the initial choke it’s too hard to get set back up into a good position on the hero and point B is too close to the spawn to get good distance.
  6. buddy i play with frequently asked me whether i shoot my friends or my enemies more on ana. 95% of the time i’m shooting friends. you are a healer. you do quite decent healing with extremely forgiving aim. your damage is awful, requires widowmaker precision, and cannot do a headshot. heal.
  7. get good at that grenade because it is key to keeping your tanks alive and enemies dead. it’s really tough for me to throw accurately right now because i misjudge the arc and the aoe both. practice time!
  8. the pal i was playing with tonight, probably play more with him more than anyone else, asked whether i was sleeping people much. not really, i don’t really use the sleep dart too often. exceptions include pharah ults or enemy ana ults, but mainly i use it as a last resort defensively because you have no escape and don’t want to be that close to your friends. it’s really hard to land so it’s a shit defense mechanism but you have no others.
  9. my settings on ana – main attack LMB, zoom LSHIFT (set to toggle), grenade E, dart RMB. if you are toggle-zoomed, you can still RMB and it will dart with good precision where you were aiming. it just zooms you out as it does it. nice way to pick off justice rainers. the dart has a weird little windup that feels like mei right clicks to me, so RMB just felt right, even more right than holding RMB to zoom.
  10. zenyatta feels good, the orb change is great, if you are someone who could carry games on zenyatta already you’re a 50hp better player now, congrats, pair him up with a lucio and take that point!
  11. i experimented tonight with putting orb of discord on RMB. i dont like it. it breaks up my LMB flow more than E breaks up my movement. not sure how you people live that way, but whatever, do you.
  12. the new mccree is really good. his medium-range damage is actually scary, which is needed now that his close range damage isn’t a pure “delete hero” button. this should be your go to pharah counter, NOT 76. i expect the pro scene to go that way for sure. not that 76 isn’t still good, he is, it’s just easier to output damage with mccree accurately than it is with 76.
  13. i still cant get any kills with mccree ulti. feels bad man.
  14. we only played quick play tonight, so i don’t feel great talking about how it is to play with/against new dva because every game had multiple. but man, if you have 2 dva with ulti up, you just captured a point, that’s it, that’s all, gg. the 3 second wind up makes it much easier to get it to explode in the air, so reinhardt and mei are less effective against it and people don’t really defend points with winston. zarya’s a good counter to her still. we played this game on anubis, and we held point A ok for a minute, lost it, fed both enemy dvas their ult. so they snowball to B, like you do, one of them led the charge with an ult, cleared the point, and when we got back, the second ult secured the cap. that’s  some cancerous bullshit right there. that’s 5 torbjorns on console level of bullshit. i think dva is good, i dont know if she’s great, she definitely is no longer dumpster though.

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