If you play Overwatch and missed the announcement, we have a new patch in the Public Test Region. The biggest news here is that you can’t stack heroes in Competitive anymore THANK YOU BASED JEFF. just kidding the big news is NEW HERO OMGOMGOMG.

A lot of new Lucios who are confused as fuck think you have to shoot your team to heal them. With Ana Amari, that’s actually true. She has a hitscan sniper like Widowmaker’s, except it does not charge and its unscoped fire is still bolt-action. It’s neat. You shoot a teammate to give them a burst of healing. You shoot an enemy to give them a burst of damage, not immediate HP removal like a bullet, but it like ticks down some. I want to say it’s +/-75 HP but that’s an eyeballed guess. It also can’t land a headshot.

“but i can’t aim!”

Then play Lucio or Mercy. Ana is not the healer for you.

It’s very much bog standard for right-click to be bound to Zoom on scoped weapons, or aim-down-sights, or whatever. I found myself binding Ana’s to SHIFT. Yes, I agree it’s weird, but it’s because I really want her first ability to be on RMB. That is a dart that Sleeps an enemy target on hit, immediately knocking them down like Reinhardt’s ult. They stay there for about 3 seconds, or taking damage wakes them up too. There’s a little bit of a delay for firing the sleep dart, kind of like Mei’s right-click.

My first game on Ana I slept a Pharah out of the sky twice while she was booping around. Lol’d.

Her second skill is a bionic grenade, and this is where her true offensive strength lies, not her lame deeps. It’s a truly miniscule AOE, but the bionic grenade heals any teammate it hits, gives them a buff that lasts a few seconds causing all healing they take to be increased, and prevents any enemy it hits from being able to heal. Take a second to process that debuff because it is massive.

Her ult is at its worst underwhelming to the extreme and at its best the most broken thing in Overwatch. You buff up a single ally to move faster, do extra damage, and take reduced damage, I think actually in a percentage. If I had to guess I would say it lasts about 10 seconds but I don’t have a time on that. It seems to charge a little too fast to me, but it’s so feast or famine I can deal with that.

So the following is a list of how I think Ana meshes with and against each hero. Let’s theorycraft!

Genji – Friend, Foe. You’ll notice that Ana has no movement skills. Hanzo can climb walls, Widow can grapple, Ana can only run. She is also GARBAGE in close combat, with her unscoped fire still being bolt action. So a flanking hero like Genji is instant death to Ana. But on your team, a Genji buffed by Ana’s ultimate is without a doubt the scariest thing I’ve seen in Overwatch.

McCree – Counter. IT’S HIIIIIGH NOON you say? Hm, bedtime. *sleep dart* *no ult for you* McCree can obviously flash-fan you down but he has to get there first, and it’s not going to be easy for him to run all the way around your whole team, so he isn’t really a Foe.

Reaper – Friend, Foe. This is a tough one to call. He can get on top of you and own you fast, but you can also disable his ability to heal himself with his kills if you see him first, which is important. Ultimately the more impactful outcome is you die. I’ve added Friend here too because an Ana-ulted Reaper just looked at the enemy tanks and they all fell over dead.

Pharah – Counter, Friend. Ana’s hitscan snipe counters Pharah in the same way Widow’s does, and Soldier and McCree’s hitscans do. It’s pitiful damage but anything helps. Also, you can heal her while she’s boppin around in the air far away, without putting yourself in danger like Mercy has to. Aside from ulting her and making justice hail instead of rain, that ranged heal is awesome if you can land it.

Soldier – Hard Counter, Friend. You can cancel 76’s biotic field with your debuff. GG mothafucka. Plink away while you can’t heal and YOU DIE FIRST. Also, tac visor + ana ult = everyone dies.

Tracer – Foe. It’s the same Flanker Problem as Genji without any of the benefit. It’s not worth the cooldown to blow your ult on a Tracer I don’t think.

Junkrat – Foe. You can’t really do much to a Junkrat before he kills you. You can’t even sleep him out of ult. You could waste an ult buffing his bombs, but you can’t buff his Tire. Anything with its own HP can’t be buffed by buffing the hero.

BastionCounter, Friend. This is a GOOD target to blow your ult on. Oh, suddenly this ulting bastion is even faster, does even more damage, and takes less damage? Oh, that’s why we’re all dead. Meanwhile if the other team is the one with the Bastion you counter him the same way Roadhog’s hook does: Sleep takes him out of sentry configuration. A bastion on either side is a welcome sight for Ana.

Hanzo – Foe. You could buff a Hanzo ult I guess but it’s over fast and risky to blow the cooldown on it. Meanwhile he’s just going to outsnipe you with his tree-trunk sized arrows that do almost twice the damage.

Widowmaker – Foe. If the enemy has a Widow you probably want to switch off Ana, the sniper battle is not going to end well for you unless you outplay the hell out of her. If your team has a Widow you probably also want to switch off Ana because your team need more presence than this.

Mei – Counter. Wouldn’t you like that Mei you got down to 5hp to come back out of her ice block at 5hp? Toss the debuff on her and your dreams don’t have to stay dreams. Otherwise there’s really no relationship between Mei and Ana unless Mei obsessively walls you out of healing your pals.

Torbjorn – Counter, Friend. Ulting an ulting Toblerone is not the worst choice since you’ll make him run faster and shoot harder, his armor helps your 200hp, and you counter an enemy turret easily with your infinite range hitscan weapon.

Reinhardt – Friend. An Ana-buffed Reinhardt is absolutely terrifying. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever vsed in Overwatch until an Ana buffed  a Genji and I shat my pants so loudly the neighbors called 911. Reinhardt with an Ana ult takes no damage, gets on top of you immediately, and hammers the SHIT out of you. Ult that guy. Also, every support loves a Rectangle!

Winston – Friend, Foe. If Winston jumps on you that’s it, you’re dead. You just are. GG. But, Ana is in a unique position to heal Winston while he dives onto a backline without putting herself in any danger to do so. It’s cool, it works together nicely, and he is actually kind of a force with your ult on him too. Ult him if you’re against like, shifty shit like Genji.

Zarya – Foe. Your heals aren’t special and your buff is a little wasted on Zarya, but her shield removes your debuff. Not a great hero to play Ana into. You can combo black hole with your debuff, though, that’s a good plan. – Friend. Yes, a can dive on you and ruin your day, but not t0 the same degree a Winston can. But you can safely heal your own diving, and if you’re fighting into several tanks, ulting her can be a scary force for the enemy to deal with.

Roadhog – Hard Counter. You wanted to hook me? But I’m way over here. You wanted to shoot me? That’s a shotgun. I’m way over here. Oh, you wanted to heal yourself? Haha. Hahahahaha.

Mercy – Hard Counter. It’s never terrible to combo with a Mercy, but she is the better solo healer, and if you have two solo healers your team is going to suffer for it. Of course you make Mercy’s target unhealable, so.

Lucio – Hard Counter, Friend. This is the best support to pair your Ana with. If your team has a Lucio you can focus more on using the biotic grenade to debuff. The enemy Lucio will not appreciate your debuff on his team in the slightest.

Zenyatta – Hard Counter. Ana and Zen are very similar. Single target based with no mobility. Naturally, the enemy Zen can’t heal people you debuff, even with his ulti. A Zen on your team might be confused why you didn’t go for the Lucio instead.

Symmetra – I guess your debuff will stop her shields regenerating but other than that I’m not sure what interaction you’re going to have with a Symmetra as Ana. She’s almost a Friend because her turrets are a nice anti-flanker mechanism, but, you probably don’t want a solo support Ana, so a Symmetra-Ana will still want Mercy or Lucio, which is pretty poor for damage as a team especially now you can’t double Zarya in competitive.


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